The right cut can enhance your assets and minimize flaws, and it all start with the following basic principles:

Next time you step out of the shower do not wipe that steam off the mirror. Let it settle a bit until you can see the vague outline of your face. Then trace the shape of your face in the steam that remains. What you will end up with is an oval, round, square, oblong, heart, or diamond shape. And that is the key to choosing how to shape your hair so you look your best ever.

For those who insist on scientific precision, a ruler or measuring tape will ensure you are getting the true picture of your facial structure and not the ripples in a mirror. Find a mirror or look at a photo of yourself that has the hair off your face and find the best match from the following descriptions and pictures. It’s important to remember that even though your face may not be an exact match of any single shape, it will resemble one shape over all. 

Across the top of your cheekbones. Write down the number.
Across the widest point of your jaw to the other side. Write it down.
Forehead at its widest - usually halfway between your brows and hairline. Write it down.
Length of your face by starting at the tip of your hairline to the bottom of your chin. 


Square Face Shape
Width and length are equal, but it is angular at the top and bottom. If you have a square face shape, hairstyles that soften up its angular lines and give it a more oval appearance. Waves and soft curls are your hair's best friend, while a side part or a soft bang will help to eliminate some of the squareness. Layering and fringing around the face is another way to work some magic and cast the illusion of a more rounded face. As for length, either go above your jaw line or below it, but avoid cuts that stop right at the jaw line. Otherwise, you'll risk turning your face boxy.

Round Face Shape
Circular shaped and length is approximately equal to width. If you have round face shape, hairstyles which are either very short or which fall below the chin are well suited for a round face.

Triangular Face Shape
Forehead and cheekbones are narrow. Jaw line is wide. Women with triangular shaped faces should opt for hairstyles that balance out their wide jaw line.

Oblong Face Shape
Face is longer than it is wide. Long, straight cheek line. The appearance of the lengthy face can be minimized by hairstyles which support bangs as well as thick hair on the sides of the face. You can choose medium or short hair styles.

Oval Face Shape
Length is equal to one and a half times width. The forehead and jaw are the same width. The oval face shape is the most perfect and pleasing face shape and can wear any style as well as a middle part. That is why we see so many models and film stars, who are considered the epitome of beauty, with oval shaped faces.

Diamond Face Shape
Forehead and jaw line are narrow. Cheekbones are wide and high. Hairstyles that suit a heart shaped face will suit a diamond shaped face as well. Any hairstyle that adds weight near the jaw line will suit a diamond shaped face.

Heart Face Shape
Wide at the forehead and cheekbones. Narrow at the jaw line. Long hair or chin length hairstyles, with a side parting and swept forward layers on the upper face are most suited for a woman with a heart shaped face.

Of course, there are hybrids of all these shapes. To make the many shaped faces of these women their most beautiful, hairstylists cut and style with a few loosely held observations:

1) Height at the top elongates the face.
2) Angular cuts at chin length slim a face.
3) Bobs, and blunt cuts draw the eye to the bottom of the cut.
4) Hair pulled away from the face makes the eyes appear larger.
5) Layering can soften hard lines in a face shape.
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If you don't LOVE what your hair is doing . . . I Should Be Doing Your Hair!
If you don't LOVE what your hair is doing . . . I Should Be Doing Your Hair!